How To Save Money With Grind And Brew Coffee Makers


Coffee is the second most traded comodity in the world today only behind oil. The demand for coffee is huge, and a lot of businesses are making a killing today, businesses like Dunking Donats, Sturbuck and more. Now even fast food chains like McDonalds are selling coffee, because they know they can make a lot of money. And all these caffe shops as they like to call themselvs to make maximum profit they usually lower the quality of the coffee and sometimes raise the prices. 

The average person that drinks coffee consumes between 2 to 4 cups of coffee a day. The average price for a cup of coffee today is $2.50. It doesn’t look like much, but if you add it up it can cost the average person anything between $150 to $300 a month. You will never think that it will cost you that much, because you are only paying $2.50 at a time, and usually with a credit card, but if you pay attention to your credit card you will see the money you spend every month comes up to the numbers above. 


Grind and brew coffee makers are the greatest coffee makers in the market today. They take roasted coffee beans, grind they and brew them for you. They are fully programable which means you can set them up and have the coffee ready for you in the morning hot and fresh. 

You can choose your own coffee, don’t have to settle for what they give you, you can add your own ingridients to you coffee and make your coffee exactly how you want it. How many times you order a coffee and is not how you want it? The answer is a lot. Usually when we buy coffee we are in a rush and don’t have time to go back and have they redo our coffee. But when you make your own coffee with your grind and brew coffee maker you will not have that problem.

Some people will say that they don’t have to pay for a grind and brew coffee maker, and just buy a regular coffee maker. True but they just suck, when you buy already ground coffee and you open the bag it losses a lot of its flavor, and the coffee doesn’t taste good at all. On the other hand grind and brew coffee makers brew hands down the best coffee, becasue most models have strength selectors wich is a great feature. 

As we said before the average cup of coffee costs $2.50, so lets break it down how much it will cost you if you make your own coffee using a grind and brew coffee maker. 

One pound of organic coffee bean costs about $8.00, and you can get 32 8oz cups, now lets add the milk or cream and suggar which are household items that you don’t have to buy just to make coffee. But lets say you need 64oz of milk wich is 1/2 gallon and costs about $3.00. Now lets add the sugar or the sweetener and let’s take the most expensive option which is truvia and that’s going to cost you about $6 to make the 32 cups of coffee. So the total to make 32 cups of coffee is $17, and the water cost is minimal. So your price for a 8oz cup of coffee is 53 cents. Now that’s a savings of $2.00 per cup and it means you can save anything between $120 to $240 a month depending on how much coffee you consume. 

The numbers don’ liemaking your own coffee can save you a lot of money, and using a grind and brew coffee maker can help you save money and enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee.

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